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Cristiano Ronaldo Net Worth

Cristiano Ronaldo Net Worth – How Rich He Is? Ronaldo is the highest paid footballer in the world with £15 million a year ($21.5m) a year after tax salary. Only Messi can match his yearly salary from club football. Ronaldo is also the most endorsed footballer and currently has 4th most lucrative endorsement deal in […]

Lionel Messi Net Worth and Salary History in 2016-17

Lionel Messi Net Worth and Salary- How Rich He Is? His estimated salary at FC Barcelona as of May 2015 is $44.68 million (€40 million). Messi also earns an estimated $20-30 million (€18-27 million) by Endorsements Achievement. In 2014-2015, Messi made 57 appearances for FC Barcelona and earned an estimated $41.7 million (€37.4 million) in […]

Top 10 Women Athletes To Follow On Instagram

Women Athletes To Follow On Instagram

Nowadays almost every single person is much more engaged to social media. In fact, it has become an importance of life where everything can be shared with the world. Well, speaking about famous celebrities, athletes and other popular personalities; it’s true that they’re pretty familiar with social media too. Their fans do follow them on […]

10 Best Grand Prix Motorbike Racers

grand prix motorbike racers

Grand Prix Motorbike Racing which is now mainly known as ‘MotoGP’ after it’s premier class has now been a huge attraction in all over the world. The Motorbike Racers draw large audience attention on the track because of their racing skills, hot and heavy sports bikes which are probably the ones people wish to have […]

Top 10 Best Ski Jumpers 2016

best ski jumpers

In ski jumping, there is a specially constructed take-off ramp from which ski jumpers jump as higher as possible and fly down the hill. It’s pretty much of a normal skiing and it’s a part of Winter Olympics. There are 3 types of skiing: Alpine Skiing, Nordic Skiing and Telemark Skiing. Ski jumping can also […]

10 Fittest Athletes In The World

most fittest athlete

In every sports, there are lot of players playing actively but there are very few who keep their fitness as their first priority and that’s what makes them highly boosted and energetic in the game. They are active with their physical strength and abilities to perform with full charm and excellence. We have chosen the […]

Top 10 Most Successful Cricket Captains

most successful captain

Captains play the main role while leading their whole team. It’s important for them to be courageous and active in order to motivate their teammates. We have seen many such great captains in cricket who are always so positive to their decisions and successful. Here we have compiled a list of 10 Most Successful Cricket […]

Top 10 Most Popular Sports UK

popular sports in uk

Every country has it’s own culture and tradition, means absolutely different. So, when it comes to sports activities, not every game is widely played in every country. People of every country love to play and watch different sports which depends on their interests, culture and traditions. Today, we are going to discuss about Top 10 […]

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