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10 Devastating Accidents Ever In Cricket History

Cricket is an interesting Gentlemen’s game! There are lot of joyous moments watching it’s interesting twists, watching outstanding performances by the players with the bat and those fielding in the ground. But, every game has some wrong turning points. Every time it doesn’t mean that a game will give us joyous moments. Sometimes, bad happenings ruin the game or a life, which is a part of it. It could be a bit, or maybe extreme – No predictions! Let’s take a look at 10 devastating accidents ever in cricket history.

10. Philip Hughes (1988-2014)


Philip Hughes was a great Australian young batsman who held multiple Test records. He was a youngest Australian centurion in Test match and even a first youngest cricketer in history to score hundreds in both innings of a Test match. He was proving to be a good batsman with a good form for Australia. Unfortunately, in 2014, during a match in Sydney Cricket Ground, he was hit by a ball on his neck. He was trying to hit a pull shot on a bouncer, which didn’t went in his favor and the ball hit him. He went unconscious in that rare accident on the play, never regained consciousness. He was on 63* Not Out – but FOREVER!

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9. Darryn Randall (1980 – 2013)


Darryn Randall was a fantastic first-class South African cricketer. He studied at Stirling Primary and Selborne College in East London. While studying, he played for multiple teams and even coached one quiet popular academy in Stirling Primary School. In 2013, while playing a Premier League match between Fort Hare University and Old Selbornians in Alice, Eastern Cape, South Africa, he was trying to play a pull short on a short-length delivery, unfortunately, ball missed the bat and struck beside his head. He was rushed to the hospital immediately, but never made it. He died on the route!

8. Wasim Raja (1952 – 2006)



Wasim Raja was a great Pakistani cricketer of his time. He studied in Government College, Lahore. During his studies, he played for Pakistani Under 19’s team. Few years later, he even coached them. Wasim Raja also played for Pakistani National Team in both ODI and Test format since 1973. In 2006, unfortunately he had an heart-attack during the Surrey’s Over 50’s match in England and he eventually died.

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7. Raman Lamba (1960 – 1998)

ramen lamba

Raman Lamba was a Indian cricketer who played mostly in Indian domestic cricket, and also on International as well. Raman Lamba’s main role was as a batsman. He represented Delhi between 1980 – 1998, North Zone between 1980 – 1991 and Abahani between 1992 – 1998. He also played for Ireland in unofficial International game in 1990. In 1998, while playing a BPL’s match, he got struck by the ball on his temple. Then he was diagnosed with internal hemorrhage and fell into coma. Just some time later, he died.

6. Ian Folley (1963 – 1993)



Ian Folley was a English domestic cricketer who started his career as a left-arm seamer in 1982. From 1982 to 1990, he played for Lancashire and in 1991, he started to play for Derbyshire. Ian Folley wasn’t just a seamer, but later he started to work on spin-bowling skills. When he started to play for Internationally in England’s team, he suffered an injury in which left playing. 1991, he was given a second chance but he didn’t worked it out well. In 1993, he suffered an eye injury while playing cricket and rushed immediately to the hospital. When he realized that he is not being treated in the hospital well, he got stressed, suffered an heart attack and died. Miserable time he faced in his life.

5. Wilf Slack (1954 – 1989)


Wilf Slack was a English domestic cricketer who played for Middlesex in between 1977 – 1988, and for Windwards Islands in between 1981 – 1983. He also played for the national team as a left-handed batsman. He performed well for all the Test and ODI matches he played. Suddenly in 1988, it was a cricket season for England, Wilf Slack suffered a unknown illness which caused him sudden blackouts while playing. It was so extreme that in one moment he played finely, next moment he fell on the ground and went unconscious. One day, while playing in Republic of Gambia, he blacked out and fell on the ground, had a sudden heart attack and died.

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4. Abdul Aziz (1941 – 1959)


Abdul Aziz was a Pakistani cricketer who played in first-class cricket for Karachi. He was a good wicket keeper and a right-handed batsman. He studied at S.M College, and also worked in State Bank of Pakistan. While playing a first inning of Quad-i-Azam final match against Pakistan Combined Services in 1959, he faced a slow off-break delivery from Dildwar Awan which struck him on his right chest side. Aziz recovered from it and got himself ready for the second delivery, but he suddenly collapsed and went unconscious. He never regained consciousness! He was taken to the hospital immediately, but he died on-route. Doctors later cleared that the ball struck him on the heart-side which activated an existing undiagnosed condition of his heart.

3. Andy Ducat (1886 – 1942)

Andy Ducat

Andy Ducat was one of the best cricketers of his era, and not just that, he was a great footballer too. He was a wonderful player, in fact a blasting one because of his performances as a batsman. He made 52 centuries in his career and even he played a fantastic knock of 306*(not out) against Oxford University in 1919. In 1920, Andy Ducat was listed as one of the Wisden Cricketers of the year. In his whole cricket career, he suffered numerous injuries which caused him ‘to be absent’ in some cricket matches. In 1942, while playing a wartime game in Lord’s cricket ground, he had a sudden heart-attack and died.

2. George Summers (1844 – 1870)

george summers

George Summers was a good English cricketer of his era. He played numerous domestic matches for Nottinghamshire. In 1970, during a match in Lord’s cricket ground, a fast bowler delivered him a bouncer which he didn’t judged properly and the ball struck him on his head. He was taken off the field and even he recovered, then was sent back to home. But after few days, his health started to fail and he suddenly lost his life. After his death, the Marylebone Cricket Club paid for his gravestone. The Lord’s cricket ground’s pitch condition was terrible at that time, but after George’s death, some improvements were made to it.

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1. Jasper Vinall (1590 – 1624)

jasper vinall

Jasper Vinall was a cricketer from village in England. He comes on the first spot because he was the first ever cricketer in history of cricket to die because of injury during the game. In 1624, a match was going on in Horsted Keynes, in which Jasper Vinall was fielding when Edward Tye, who was on batting, tried to stop the ball from being caught and swung his bat again. Instead of hitting the ball, the bat struck on the forehead of Jasper Vinall. He got injured and was taken for the treatment, but few days later, he didn’t made it and died. Jasper Vinall and Edward Tye, both of them were from different villages and on that time, it was not just a game of fun; it was a competition.

That’s all! Here we know that a game could be complicated for players sometimes and for viewers, it’s not joyous always.

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