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10 Most Popular Sports In America

Top 10 Most Popular Sports In America

Watching sports is definitely fun and entertaining. As we talk about American people, they really love to watch various sports and there is a majority of them searching and watching different sports. So, we have compiled a list of 10 Most Popular Sports In America as they are most searched and viewed on the Internet. Scroll down!

10. Martial Arts

Martial Arts_america

Currently, American kids are getting much more attracted by Martial Arts and that’s why they are taking more interest in it. As according to the number of recent search trends for Martial Arts, it is considered as 10th most popular sports in America.

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9. Wrestling


Wrestling is the 9th most popular sports in America. It seems to be much joyous to watch for the audience. Different wrestlers, their hot appearances, their entrances and their tough fights, always seem to be interesting and attractive. All of the wrestling events are organized under WWE, which is most famous in America.

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8. Racing Sports

Racing Sport_america

Racing Sports includes Car Racing and Bike Racing which is considered as the 8th most popular sports in America. Racing stuff is enjoyed by the Americans not just on the tracks, but on the streets too. Little-to-big car and bike races are widely found attractive for many American people.

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7. Tennis

Popular Tennis

Tennis is the 7th most popular sports in America. The records achieved by the American Tennis players are definitely unforgettable. There are many tennis stars who are being loved by the Americans a lot.

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6. Golf


Golf is the 6th most popular sports in America. It is widely being inspirational in America as many Americans do play it and watch it as well. There are also many talented Golf-players in America, widely being loved and watched by lot of people in America.

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5. Basketball


Basketball is the 5th most popular sports in America. All the events are organized by National Basketball Association (NBA) and thousands of people do attend their events. Despite of that, millions of people love to watch it overall in America.

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4. Hockey

Ice hockey_america

Hockey is the 4th most popular sports in America. Basically, ice-hockey is rated more popular in the country and has attracted more audience. In Winter Olympics, America has also achieved a Gold-Medal victory.

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3. Soccer


Soccer is the 3rd most popular sports in America. Millions of American people do play it and watch it. Currently, soccer is growing widely in America and probably it’s soon going to take the first spot of this list.

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2. Baseball


Baseball is the 2nd most popular sports in America and widely known as a ‘national game’ of America. In fact, it has more followers than soccer in the country. Baseball is not just popular in America, but has attracted lot of people in various countries in the world. There are two baseball competition types; minor league and major league, both are widely inspirational in the country.

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1. American Football

American Football


Winner of the list is American Football, which is the 1st most popular sports in America. There are big competitions organized under the name of National Football League (NFL) and watched by millions of people in the country, in fact, it is watched more than any other sport in the country. People don’t just watch on their television-screens, but mostly do choose to attend the event in the stadium.

That’s it! All of these sports are considered as the most popular ones in America. What do you think about the list? Share your thoughts and give us a feedback!

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