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10 Most Popular Sports In The World

There are lot of sports games being played in the world and in fact, millions of people get attracted to them. Sports games could be joyous to watch, full of suspense, entertaining and a good way to pass some time watching television. Not every game has all the qualities to change a bring moment in to a enjoying one, but there are still many of them. Let’s discuss 10 Most Popular Sports In The World which do generate lot of money and also being watched by millions of people in the world.

10. Golf


Golf is mostly popular in western countries like Canada, USA, UK etc, and it is watched by approximately 400 Million people. This game is a incredible ball sport which becomes very competitive at times in different clubs, when players need to smash the ball into the series of holes perfectly and take the win. The whole game depends on how perfect the strokes are to accomplish a goal and achieve success. It surely becomes suspensive.

9. Rugby


Rugby is mostly popular in France, New Zealand, England, South Africa etc, with more than 450 Million fans in the world. This game is mainly played in Spain and France, later it became famous in South Africa. This game later widely introduced in many other countries by English-speaking people. One of the interesting sports!

8. Baseball


Baseball is mostly popular in US, Japan, Dominican Republic, Cuba with around 500 Million fans from all over the world. It’s an interesting bat-and-ball game, some similar to cricket. Batting team always tries to score more runs than the opponent by hitting the ball as farther as possible, then running counter-clockwise to crossing four series of bases. If successfully reached the ‘home plate’, run counts. Interesting game!

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7. Table Tennis

table tennis

Table Tennis is popular in most of the Asian and Western countries, and having around more than 900 Million fans in all over the world. This game is interesting as two or more opponents play on a hard table divided by a net with a tennis-ball racket. Goal is to make sure the ball bounces once and hit forth. If missed by the opponent, goal scored. It’s a best trick to make movements to the ball in order to create problems for the opponent to understand if it’s gonna spin after a bounce so that he/she couldn’t have a chance to hit back. Brilliant game!

6. Volleyball


Volleyball is mostly popular in Asia, America, Europe and Australia with approximately 900 Million fans. In this game, there are six players at each side on the ground which is divided by a net. The goal is to ground the ball at the opponent side with accordance to the rules.

5. Tennis


Tennis is mostly popular in Western and Asian countries with around 1 Billion fans across the world. As we discussed about Table Tennis already, both the games are almost similar. The game is played between two players or two teams on a ground divided by a net. The main achievement by the player is to hit the ball in the way that the opponent couldn’t hit it back finely or simply misses to hit it. Fabulous game it is!

4. Hockey


Hockey is mostly popular in Asia, Europe and Africa with 2.2 Billion fans across the world. There are two types of hockey game; ice hockey and field hockey. There isn’t any difference in both types of this game. Field hockey is the national game of Pakistan and India. Whereas, ice hockey is popular in Canada, US, Sweden etc. In this game there are two teams play against each other. Each team has eleven players and their objective is to hit the ball with hockey stick into opponent’s goal. Interesting game!

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3. Basketball


Basketball is mostly popular in US, Canada, China, Phillipines etc, with more than 2.3 Billion fans across the world. In basketball, two teams play against each other on a rectangular court. The objective in this game is to shoot the ball through the hoop which is around 18 inches in diameter and approximately 10 feet high mounted on a backboard at the both ends of the court. If a team player shoots the ball into the basket, it’ll score two points for the team if the player is closer or touching the three-point line, and if the player is behind three-point line than it’ll score three points. In the end, team with most points wins. Though, basketball is the 3rd most watched and most paying game in the world.

2. Cricket


Cricket is mostly popular in Pakistan, India, UK, Australia, Srilanka etc, with more than 3 Billion fans across the world. Cricket is the bat-and-ball game played between two teams on the ground. Each team has eleven players in the play. One team who wins the toss decides to bat or field. Batting team’s goal is to score as many runs as possible to give a target to the opposite team to chase. Two batsmen play on the pitch in the middle of the ground for scoring runs, while opposite team’s eleven players field to restrict the batting team to the lowest-possible score in order to chase it easily later. First batting team plays an inning to give target, then opposite team plays an inning to chase the target. Cricket has three different formats; Test, ODI and T20. The game gained more popularity when T20 was introduced. It is the 2nd most watched sports game in the world. Outstanding game!

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1. Football


Football, often referred as ‘soccer’ is the most popular sports in the world. It is mostly popular in Asian and Western countries with more than 3.5 Billion fans. This game is played by approximately 200 countries. This game is played by two teams on a ground with nets at both sides of it. The objective of this game is to hit the ball to the net of opposite team to score a goal. Each team has a goal keeper standing in front of net to defend, try to stop the ball to pass through and hit the net for a goal. Goal keepers are allowed to stop the ball only with their hands, and the football players on the pitch are allowed to hit the ball for a goal only with their foot. That’s what the game is! This is the most interesting sports game in the world and most watched game in the world.

That’s all! Which one is your favorite game? Let us know! Give us a feedback!

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