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10 Most Tallest Cricketers In History

Cricket is an interesting game which is all about skills, strength and talent. A bowler needs to bowl technically to dismiss the batsman and the batsman needs to play sensibly to defend his wicket and make sure to score more runs. This game has nothing to do with one’s posture, height or weight. Even players with little height and even high weight are always been successful and legendary in the cricket. If the player has long height, that’ll be a great advantage as a bowler, as well as a batsman. Let’s discuss about 10 most tallest cricketers in history of cricket. Have a look!

10. Tom Moody

Tom Moody - Sportsbeem

Height: 6’7″           National Team: Australia

Tom Moody was born on 2 October, 1965, in Australia. He was a great former cricketer of Australia who later became the coach of Sri lankan Cricket Team. Currently, he is the coach of Sunrisers Hyderabad team in IPL. He was nicknamed as ‘Long’ Tom Moody in early times because of his good-long height of 6’7″ which is all-the-way set to scare any batsman on the crease while bowling him. He had a great career as a bowler, as well as a good batsman too.

9. Jason Holder

Jason Holder - Sportsbeem

Height: 6’7″           National Team: West Indies

Jason Holder was born on 5 November, 1991, in Barbados. Holder has a height of 6’7″ which is precious for West Indies Cricket Team especially when he bowls. He have performed tremendously since he has debuted in ODI format in 2013. He even is the youngest West Indies cricketer ever to hold the captaincy of the team in both ODI and Test format.

8. Sulieman Benn

 Sulieman Benn - Sportsbeem

Height: 6’7″           National Team: West Indies

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Sulieman Benn was born on 22 July, 1981, in Saint James, Barbados. He is a good left-arm spin bowler of West Indies Cricket Team who has a good-height of 6’7″. He have a well appreciated career since his debut in 2008 in both ODI and Test format, playing for West Indies. His height is surely a plus point for team!

7. Curtly Ambrose

Curtly Ambrose - Sportsbeem

Height: 6’7″           National Team: West Indies

Curtly Ambrose was born on 21 September, 1963, in Swetes, Antigua and Barbuda. He was a former legendary player of West Indies who retired in 2000. His height of 6’7″ was incredible at that time and a nightmare for a batsman when he used to be an ‘attacking bowler’. He also was listed as one of the chosen Wisden Cricketers Of The Year in 1992. As he retired, he was named inside International Cricket Council’s Hall Of Fame.

6. Steven Finn

Steven Finn - Sportsbeem

Height: 6’7″           National Team: England

Steven Finn was born on 4 April, 1989, in Watford, England. He is a English Team player. He has the height of 6’7″ which is proven to be the great advantage in the whole England Team when he bowls. He debuted Test format in 2010 and ODI format in 2011, and since then, he is known as a dangerous bowler in English Team especially when he bowls extra-bounce deliveries to the batsman.

5. Chris Tremlett

chris-tremlett - Sportsbeem

Height: 6’8″           National Team: England

Chris Tremlett was born on 2 September, 1981, in Southampton, England. He is another tallest English player who has the height of 6’8″, an inch longer than Steven Finn in the team. He is not just a brilliant bowler, but also is a great batsman in the team. Unfortunately, Chris Tremlett consistently had numerous injuries which is why he had problem to continue with the squad of the English Team. However, his fast-medium bowling seems to be a strong-zone of the team, perhaps because of his height which is incredible in the team.

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4. Boyd Rankin

Boyd Rankin - Sportsbeem

Height: 6’7″           National Team: Ireland and England

Boyd Rankin was born on 5 July, 1984, in Londonderry, Northern Ireland. He played cricket for both Ireland and England Teams. He is a right-arm medium-fast bowler, and currently he is a big plus point in English Team because of his outstanding height of 6’8″. He is the 3rd tallest English team player we are mentioning in this list. His horrific bouncers are mostly quiet difficult for the batsman to play, for which he takes most advantage. He is a good cricketer in all three formats for the English team.

3. Peter George

peter-george - Sportsbeem

Height: 6’8″           National Team: Australia

Peter George was born on 16 October, 1986, in Adelaide, Australia. He is the 3rd most tallest cricketer in history of cricket, even he is the only Australian cricketer with such height of 6’8″. He usually plays in Test format for Australia and he is a good right-arm fast-medium bowler. He is a well-proved bowler for the team in Test format because of his incredible bouncers to the batsmen – BIG ADVANTAGE of a Risky Bowler!

2. Joel Garner

Joel Garner - Sportsbeem

Height: 6’8″           National Team: West Indies

Joel Garner was born on 16 December, 1952, in Christ Church, Barbados. He was nicknamed as a ‘Big Bird’ in the West Indian team because of his incredible height of 6’8″ for which he stood the tallest cricketer in the history of cricket. But now he is on 2nd. Joel Garner was a former West Indies team player and he was the fast bowler, who tremendously performed in earlier 70s and 80s. His bowling average was always maintained and his full-length yorkers were always critical for any batsman on the crease. He also led the team towards the victory of World Cup in 1979.

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1. Mohammad Irfan

Mohammad Irfan - Sportsbeem

Height: 7’1″            National Team: Pakistan

Mohammad Irfan was born on 6 June, 1982, in Punjab, Pakistan. He plays for Pakistan cricket team and currently he is the tallest cricketer in history of cricket with the height of 7’1″, which is just mind-blowing. He manages to bowl at the speed of 140 km/h consistently, and his incredible height gives him advantage of making extra bounce to the ball. He was proved as a great bowler in the series played between Pakistan and India in 2013/14. Tallest cricketer in history!

Here we are done! This is the list of incredibly tallest cricketers in history and surely, you must be having something rolling in your minds about them. Share your thoughts!

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