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10 Thrilling Moments In Pakistan vs India Cricket Matches!

10 Thrilling Moments In Pakistan vs India Cricket Matches!

Pakistan vs India cricket contest is always been inspiring not just for the cricket lovers in both countries, but in all over the world. It’s been a tradition that when they come head-to-head against each other, they become seriously competitive and the game becomes really thrilling and exciting. These matches are watched more and more by the people across the world because of tough competition that always becomes mind-blowing. So, let’s take a look at 10 thrilling moments in Pakistan vs India cricket matches. Scroll down!

10. 2003’s World Cup Match: Dynamic Knock By Dravid and Yuvraj

Yuvraj and Dravid's knock

First innings were played by Pakistan in which Saeed Anwar played a wonderful centurion knock which helped Pakistan to set a target of 274 for India. Then, in second innings, Sachin Tendulkar played a wonderful knock of 98 off 75 balls. Then Shoaib Akhter managed to take his wicket, but Tendulkar’s score took required run rate of India under control. But still, 100 more needed to win the game, and the eyes were now on Dravid and Yuvraj who the country much expected from. So, they both didn’t disappointed their country. Both of them played a sensible game and their partnership was of 99 runs. They stood their ground impressively which was much necessary for the country at that time, because the lower-order couldn’t have made it to the win. Pakistan played well, very competitive, but still India managed to win fantastically. WOW match that was!

Watch the video below:

9. 1999 Test Match: Indian Fans Went Mad!

Indian fans went mad

In 1999, the Asian Test Championship match was going on between Pakistan and India. It was a interesting game, over 465k spectators watched the game in the stadium and continuously cheered on their favorite team. Numerous interesting performances took place like, Saeed Anwar’s 188, Shoaib Akhtar’s 4 wickets with just giving 71 runs. However, the reason of remembering the game was not so inspiring or joyous, because it’s just awkward. When Sachin Tendulkar’s run out was given, Indian fans began to react angrily. The riots took place, chaos and even the law enforcement agencies had to clear the stands. It was something which shouldn’t have happened! Maybe people lost the spirit of watching their team, losing. But game is always about winning and losing. Well, the game continued as it is and Pakistan defeated India by 46 runs.

8. 1992 World Cup: Miandad’s Jumping Moment!

miandad's jumping

The moment we are going to discuss about is the most memorable one in history of Pakistan vs India matches. In 1992 World Cup, during a match between Pakistan and India. Jawed Miandad was frustrated of ceaseless appeals by a Indian wicket-keeper, Kiran More. Then, the situation got more extreme as Miandad stopped the bowler to bowl him, turned around and began a tough conversation with Kiran More. Then after few moments, Miandad faced a ball, the fielder threw the ball to the wicket-keeper and he missed to run-out him. Miandad began to jump up-and-down which seemed entirely funny, mimicking Kiran More’s gestures. Even the commentators began to laugh at him.

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You can see in the video below!

7. 1987 ODI Match: Saleem Malik’s Jaw-Dropping Knock!

saleem malik

In 1987, a ODI match was going on in Eden Gardens between Pakistan and India. India was relaxed because they set the target of 238, following Krishnamachari Srikkanth’s brilliant century. Even India almost took the match away from Pakistan when they took five wickets down and Pakistan’s score was just 161. Pakistan’s winning hope was almost over, but then Saleem Malik came onto the crease and the game changed it’s winner. Saleem Malik started to smashed back-to-back boundaries and he snatched the game from India’s hands, straight away. He hit eleven fours and 1 six in that inning and his total score was 72 off just 36 balls. He seriously became a nightmare for bowlers and made ‘possible, the impossible’. WOW moments were those when the quiet Pakistani fans began to cheer-up on the team. Saleem Malik was one-man army in that match!

6. 2005 ODI Match: Shahid Afridi’s Blasting Century!

afridi's century

In 2005, a series was played between both the teams in which India took a great start on Pakistan, won two matches straight away and became stronger. But in Kanpur’s ODI match, Pakistan made a brilliant comeback. India set the target of 249 for Pakistan, in which there is always a hope to defend that score if the wickets are taken. But Afridi made it impossible for India, when he came onto the crease and became a nightmare for Indian bowlers. He made a second fastest century in that match which was 102 off just 45 balls. India managed to take him him out in fifteen over at the score of 131, but at that time, the match became a piece-of-cake for Pakistan. It was a tremendous knock by Afridi which is still unforgettable. Fans were cheered-up continuously and Afridi is good at entertaining – everybody knows.

Watch the video below:

5. 1999 Test Match: Anil Kumble’s Perfect Bowling Spell!

anil kumble's 10 wickets

On 8th February, 1999, there was a Test match played between both the teams. In first innings, Pakistan seemed good, performed well and almost achieved to goal of winning. In the second innings, India brought a merciless leg-spin bowler who just squashed Pakistan’s wish. But what’s so interesting is that he took out the whole team by himself; means he picked up 10 wickets. That was just something inspiring to watch as India just killed it! Perfect performance by India, specially Anil Kumle who just ‘nailed it’.

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4. 1986 Asia Cup: Miandad’s Unforgettable Six!

Miandad six

The moment of that 1986 Asia Cup final is still unforgettable. India was all going well, set target of 245 and almost defended it. Jawed Miandad was the man who played steadily and stayed on the pitch, while others didn’t do it – back to back wickets down. Now, finally 2 balls remaining with 5 runs required, Miandad’s partner took a run to put him back on strike. Last ball; four runs required. Miandad unbelievably, made no mistake, judged the delivery well and hits it for six.  It was a moment of joy for Pakistani fans and the whole team as well. Bowler tried it hard, but missed it. Miandad took full advantage of it! Unforgettable six in history of cricket!

Watch video below:

3. 1984 Match: Unexpected Outcome!

1984 match unexpected outcome

In 1984, a match between two tough and competitive teams, India and Pakistan, was played in Sharjah Cricket Ground. Lot of people came to watch the game, as it was so worthy and interesting. India didn’t performed well as they should in their batting, they set a target of 125 runs. The target made sense that Pakistan couldn’t be missing the chance and taking the victory away. But cricket is famous for it’s unexpected outcome, whether you perform well or not; you couldn’t predict it. The target was a piece of cake to chase, but Pakistan didn’t took the advantage. It was an embarrassing moment when Pakistan got all-out on just 87. India couldn’t believe it, but maybe their bowling worked for them – became a nightmare for Pakistan. Cricket is always unpredictable and it’s outcome is always unanticipated.

2. 2007 ICC T20 World Cup: Bowl-Out Session!

bowl-out moment

In 2007’s ICC T20 World Cup, both competitors came face-to-face in a first Group Stage match. The match became interesting as both the teams scored the same runs, which led to a tie of the match. So, a bowl-out session was called out. A bowl-out session means to call five bowlers from each team to hit the stumps. The team whose bowlers make most points by hitting the stumps, wins in the end. India managed to hit the stumps three times, while Pakistan didn’t made it miserably. India won that match! The crowd watched it joyously.

1. 2007 ICC T20 World Cup: India Triumphs The Trophy!

India-vs-Pak t20 world cup 2007

In T20 World Cup 2007, Pakistan and India first came face-to-face in a group stage match, in which India got victory. But then Pakistan performed well and managed to reach the finals. Coincidentally, Pakistan and India, both came face-to-face again. It was a match which was a real challenge now because the one who wins, takes the trophy and become champions. So, the final match was really thrilling for the fans. India did batting first, set the target of 158. Pakistan performed well, as Misbah ul Haq was looking good. There wasn’t any good chance of India to take the win, because anything could be possible in cricket. So, in order to stop Misbah, India decided to bring an inexperienced bowler, Joginder Sharma, to bowl the last over in which 13 runs were required. Misbah tried to play a big-shot, but unfortunately, was caught by a fielder. That’s how India triumphed the first T20 World Cup trophy and became champions. It was a joyful game, full of interesting turns and unpredictable outcome.

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Watch the video below:

Bonus: Asia Cup 2014: Last Over Thriller!

asia cup shahid afridi

In 2014 Asia Cup, a thrilling match in Mirpur between two rivals, Pakistan and India, became more fascinating as progressed. India played well, set a target of 246. Pakistan chased it really well, but in the last over of the game, 10 runs required of 6 balls, and suddenly Saeed Ajmal bowled-out. Shahid Afridi was standing at the non-striker’s end, and now just Junaid Khan left, who steps in. Anxious situation for Afridi because he wasn’t sure about Junaid Khan to whether he can make it or not. But then, Junaid Khan picked up a run and put Afridi on strike. Ashwin was bowling and now 9 runs required off 4 balls. Suddenly, as Afridi faces the ball, as like always being unpredictable in batting , he hits it for a SIX. Now India is in trouble, because the dangerous man was on strike and now 3 runs required of 3 balls. Unbelievably, on the very next delivery, he hits another SIX and snatches the victory from India. Ashwin can’t believe it! Shahid Afridi is always been unpredictable about his batting because he is very aggressive, and very well-known as a ‘entertainer’ and ‘boom boom’.

Watch the video below:

That’s all! Hope Pakistani and Indian fans really enjoyed it because Pakistan vs India match is always joyous to watch. It’s been a tradition that when both of the teams come face-to-face to each other, they become really competitive and that’s what makes it more interesting. So, which one of these moments was your most favorite one of all-time? Give us a feedback and let us know. 🙂

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