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Asia Cup 2014: Pakistan vs India, 6th Match[Interesting Match] Video

Asia Cup 2014 Pakistan vs India 6th Match

A cricket match between Pakistan and India is always been inspirational. On the ground when both the teams come face-to-face, they become very competitive to each other. In fact, when it comes to some special tournament like; World Cup, Asia Cup etc, then it becomes more eye-catchy and a huge attraction for the cricket lovers from Pakistan and India.

Cricket is a game and it could be turned even in the last over. Something like that happened in Asia Cup 2014. It was a 6th match of the tournament between Pakistan and India, in which, India batted first and putted a target of 246 for Pakistan. India is always been a good performer in a ‘chasing’ form as well. However, in that match they seemed to work really hard to restrict Pakistan to reach the target.

Pakistan’s batting line up did their best as Hafeez and Maqsood stayed and made a partnership of 87 runs. When wickets gone and the match got struck for Pakistan, it wasn’t so easier to win. But as aforementioned, it’s a game, it could be changed any time.

Well, Shahid Afridi took control of the game as Umar Gul kept up with him in the end, but when Gul’s wicket was taken, it became a very anxious moment for Pakistan. However, Even Mohammad Talha didn’t stayed on the crease and was caught by the fielder on his very first bowl.

Junaid Khan

Now the game stuck in a last over and Pakistan needed 10 runs to win. Saeed Ajmal was on strike, Afridi at the other end and Ravichandran Ashwin was bowling the last over. Saeed Ajmal BOWLED! Out! Now 10 runs on 5 balls needed and Junaid Khan is on strike, last wicket for Pakistan. Miraculously, he took a run to put Afridi on strike and that’s where the game changed forever. Now Afridi is on strike, Pakistan needed 9 runs on 4 balls. What happened next?

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Pakistan won

Shahid Afridi is a well-known batsman for his aggressive performances and he took full benefit of a spin-bowler. Shahid Afridi hit a major SIX in which Pakistani fans started to roar once again, energized everything. Now 3 runs on 3  balls, and Ashwin never defended it, as Boom Boom gone for another SIX in which he triumphed the game against India. WOW!

What do you expect on such an anxious moment? A game could be changed anytime. Shahid Afridi, the man back in form, made it for Pakistan. They won by just 1 wicket with 2 balls remaining.

India lost the match

It was an unforgettable innings played by Shahid Afridi, and he made the game really interesting in the last over.

Watch full-match video highlights below.

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