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Inspirational Innings: Shahid Afridi’s 88 Off 48 Balls Against South Africa [Video Highlights]

Inspirational Innings: Shahid Afridi's 88 Off 48 Balls Against South Africa [Video Highlights]

Shahid Afridi is very well known as ‘Boom Boom’, just because of his entertaining batting. When he comes onto the crease, that means he’s not gonna keep himself relaxed, instead, he look for big shots. But not every time he is successful with his aggressive batting. Sometimes or maybe, many times he gets caught when he looks for a BIG shot.

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It’s not a piece of cake to hit the ball for sixes to every bowler because a bowler could be tricky or may not give time to judge the delivery. Much depends! That’s why he is also been very much criticized for his ‘poor’ batting performances, that means he doesn’t plays sensibly. He look for BIG shots on every next delivery – a mistake?

But well, when he stays on the crease successfully, he becomes a nightmare for every bowler. Shahid Afridi has a great strength and power to hit the ball for the sixes and he doesn’t leave a single chance when the delivery is of the same pace, exactly what he is looking for.

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It happened on 17 March, 2013, when South Africa gave a target of 343 to Pakistan for a chase, with the help of Amla and De Villiers centuries. When innings started for Pakistan, it doesn’t seemed well, as they lost early wickets. Almost became Impossible for Pakistan to chase the target and win the game because the game couldn’t be ‘relied’ on Afridi. But Afridi came on to the crease and smashed the ball long enough towards the boundaries, absolutely unreachable for any fielder. He hit 5 fours and 7 sixes, which means he was totally in form with his batting.

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South African bowlers were exactly been punished by him when he didn’t left any chance. At one moment, he was hit on the thumb by the delivery of a fast bowler Dale Steyn, which might have slowed him down.

He even managed to hit a biggest six out of the ground to the ‘golf course’ with his injured thumb, on a NO BALL, to McLaren. But maybe because of his thumb injury, he couldn’t play big shots any more, and got caught by the fielder. He played tremendously well! Scored 88 off 48 balls. Watch the video highlights of Shahid Afridi’s 88 off 48 balls below.

Unfortunately, it didn’t helped Pakistan to win the game, because there wasn’t any more batsman left to take the game sensibly towards victory. But Afridi played inspirational innings and he did his job.

So, what are your thoughts about Shahid Afridi’s batting performances? Maybe he’s the wonderful player who even hit a fastest century in 1996. He just needs to play sensibly and probably, no bowler could take his wicket easily. Right? Kindly share your feedback!

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