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Top 10 Best World Cup Matches In History Of Cricket

Top 10 Best World Cup Matches In History Of Cricket

Cricket World Cup is an interesting contest to watch for every cricket lover across the world. In this tournament, every team requires tough performance against opposition in order to keep progressing in the tournament and reach to the finals. So, it’s always been interesting to watch. There have been lot of fascinating World Cup matches played in history of cricket and all of them were really inspiring and joyous for the audience. Let’s take a look at Top 10 Best World Cup Matches In History Of Cricket. Scroll down!

10. World Cup 2007: Sri Lanka vs England, Super 8 Match

World Cup 2007 Sri Lanka vs England Super 8 Match

The Super 8 match between Sri Lanka and England was needing to be won by England to make more chances to reach the finals. England was chasing the target of 235, and the match turned out to be in favor of them because of the brilliant innings played by Ian Bell, Ravi Bopara and Kevin Pietersen. But cricket is the game which could be changed anytime. England got stuck when 2 runs were needed on the last ball and Bopara was on strike. Hopes were high for England as they were playing brilliantly. But unfortunately, Bopara was bowled by Fernando on the last ball and Sri Lanka won by 2 runs. Game changed!

9. World Cup 1987: Australia vs India, Group Stage Match

World Cup 1987 Australia vs India Group Stage Match

Indian cricket team has a great capability of taking victories in big tournaments. But in World Cup matches, it seems rare for them and this match was similar to something like that. In the group stage match, Australia set a target of 270 for India, and they chased it wonderfully till 223 with 3 wickets down. From there, the game changed into misery for India as they lost 8 of their wickets quiet quickly. In the last over, they needed 7 runs, from which they only made 5 runs and lost the match by just 1 run. At that time, it was the most interesting match of World Cup and still unforgettable.

8. World Cup 1987: Pakistan vs West Indies, Group Stage Match

World Cup 1987 Pakistan vs West Indies Group Stage Match

In big tournaments, Pakistan is always been tough and energized-to-perform. In 1987 World Cup match between Pakistan and West Indies, a brisk match-changing situation took place. Pakistan was chasing the target of 216, but when they were on 200, they lost 9 wickets. Abdul Qadir and Saleem Jaffar showed some bravery and stayed. They managed to take the game to the victory for Pakistan and performed outstandingly. Pakistan won the match unbelievably by 1 wicket. That moment of winning is still unforgettable because everyone from Pakistan’s side just lost hope and the match turned almost in favor of West Indies. But miraculously, Pakistan took victory.

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7. World Cup 2011: India vs England, Group Stage Match

World Cup 2011 India vs England Group Stage Match

A game can take a favor for any one of the two-sides, but sometimes, both sides won’t get any favor. Something like that happened in World Cup 2011 group stage match between India and England, when India set a target of 338 (339 to win) for England and England cruised to chase the target of 300+. As unexpectedly, the game was tied in the end and both the teams got nothing. That’s something interesting and definitely unexpected when one team sets a target of 300+ and the other team goes to chase it, but both of them get no advantage. One of the interesting world cup matches!

6. World Cup 1987: Australia vs England, Final

World Cup 1987 Australia vs England Final

It’s always been a glorious contest when Australia and England, both rivals come face-to-face. In World Cup final, in 1987, both of them came face-to-face and it was one of the most interesting world cup matches of all time. Australia batted first and set a target of 254 for England, which was looking not so difficult for England to chase. But Australian bowling was much stronger, which made it really troublesome for England. In the last over, England needed 17 runs, which was pretty possible to make but Australia didn’t missed a chance and won the final by 7 runs. It was the most fascinating world cup final ever.

5. World Cup 1983: India vs West Indies, Final

World Cup 1983 India vs West Indies Final

As we talked about World Cup 1987 final, this one was also very superlative in history of cricket. India batted first and set the target of 184 for West Indies. Both the sides were tougher and definitely as the target was not so good, expectations were high for West Indies. Indian team seemed more tricky and pre-planned about defending the score. West Indies batting line-up was devastated by Indian team successfully as they kept their bowling level more stronger. India defended the score brilliantly in the finals and triumphed the trophy. They won the match by 43 runs!

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4. World Cup 2011: Ireland vs England, Group Stage Match

World Cup 2011 Ireland vs England Group Stage Match

The World Cup 2011 group stage match between Ireland and England was really a thriller to watch. England set a target of 328 for Ireland to chase, probably Ireland was underestimated to reach the target. Well, there was no chance of Ireland to win the game when they were on 111 with 5 wickets down in 25 overs. Miraculously, Kevin O’Brein picked up the game from there and played outstandingly for his team to defeat England. They did! Ireland won that match by 3 wickets. It was truly very shocking for the English team, but Ireland worked it really hard. Thrilling contest!

3. World Cup 1992: South Africa vs England, Semi-Final

World Cup 1992 South Africa vs England Semi-Final

For South Africa, maybe it’s a bad luck or they don’t perform that way by themselves. Nothing to say about that, but in 1992 World Cup semi-final, they had a good chance to take victory. Unfortunately, the match was delayed due to rain and at that time, overs were reduced and according to Duckworth/Lewis method, South Africa needed 22 runs on the last ball of the innings. It definitely was heartbreaking for South Africans as they lost their chance, otherwise there have been many deliveries left to be played and South Africa could have done it better. Such an strange situation took place in the game and it was really eye-catchy to watch. One of the extremely jaw-dropping world cup matches.

2. World Cup 1975: Pakistan vs West Indies, Group Stage Match

World Cup 1975 Pakistan vs West Indies Group Stage Match

The World Cup 1975 group stage match between Pakistan and West Indies was definitely a blaster of the old times. People who watched the match were astonished by the game-changing situation. West Indies were chasing the target of 267 and they were almost out of the game on 202 with 9 wickets down. Incredibly, Murray and Roberts took a strong stand and stayed on the crease. Their performance against Pakistan led the game straight in their own favor which was nearly impossible for them and definitely unexpected too. West Indies outstandingly won the match by just 1 wicket. Since then, many cricket lovers believed that a game could be changed at any stage. Never lose hope! One of the best world cup matches.

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1. World Cup 1999: South Africa vs Australia, Semi-Final

World Cup 1999 South Africa vs Australia Semi-Final

This World Cup 1999 semi-final between South Africa and Australia was an extreme shock and definitely jaw-dropping. South Africa was chasing the target of 214, South Africa almost lost the game but Klusener was standing on the crease with Donald and it was the last over in which 9 runs were required. Klusener hit 2 consecutive mind-blowing fours and now just 1 run required on 4 balls with Klusener on strike. On the 3rd delivery of the over, Klusener played down the wicket in which Donald was almost run-out as he came out of the crease, but Australian fielder missed the direct-hit. On the 4th delivery, Klusener played the shot down the wicket again and ran, but Donald didn’t moved at the other end, dropped his bat and ran very late. Fielder passed the ball to the wicket-keeper and he got run-out. It was a ridiculous dismissal and the match was tied but Australia made it to the Finals. It was a very shocking moment for South African fans and that World Cup match was an absolute thriller. Deserves to be on the first spot in the list of best world cup matches in history.

Watch video highlights of that last over:

That’s all! These all world cup matches are still considered as the best ones in history of cricket and surely you’ve found all of them very interesting too. Which one of them was more mind-blowing to watch? Share your feedback! 🙂

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