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10 Fittest Athletes In The World

most fittest athlete

In every sports, there are lot of players playing actively but there are very few who keep their fitness as their first priority and that’s what makes them highly boosted and energetic in the game. They are active with their physical strength and abilities to perform with full charm and excellence. We have chosen the fittest players from different sports and compiled a list of the 10 Fittest Athletes In The World. Scroll down and take a look! All of them have really been well with their body fitness.

10. Lionel Messi (Footballer)

most fittest athletes

Here we begin our list of fittest athletes with one of the prominent footballers in the world. In fact, he is the greatest one along with Cristiano Ronaldo. He is the hardworking player with incredible abilities and skills in the game. Lionel Messi focuses on his multi-directional and linear speed. His workouts include acceleration drills, shuffles and hurdles. He usually eats food which is rich in vitamins and that’s how he keeps himself absolutely fit in the game. Lionel messi is the 2nd fittest footballer in the world and the 10th fittest athletes in the world.

9. Dez Bryant (American Footballer)

most fittest athletes

American Football is truly quiet an extreme sport which requires too much of a hard work with physical skills and abilities. Dez Bryant is one of those hardworking players whose abilities are absolutely praiseworthy. He has shared the pictures of how he works hard and keeps himself fit and active in the game. Probably, he is one of the fittest athletes in American Football currently.

8. LeBron James (Basketball Player)

most fittest athletes

He is one of the top-class highly talented Basketball player we have in our list. He has achieved numerous records and have won multiple awards for his outstanding performances. All comes due to his astonishing abilities in the game. He keeps a busy schedule of workouts and fitness routine. On regular basis, he does multiple stretching and yoga exercises. Additionally, he does cycling, sprinting and boxing. That all makes him the fittest Basketball player and one of the fittest athletes in the world.

7. Usain Bolt (Runner/Sprinter)

most fittest athletes

A runner or a sprinter needs to be extremely fit and fast in speed. Nowadays, Usain Bolt is turning out to be an inspiration for us. He has won numerous awards and have achieved plenty of records because of his unbeaten performances in different big tournaments like Olympics. Usain Bolt doesn’t workout to build his body, but instead, he focuses on his speed and acceleration which he’ll be needing in a race to achieve the top spot. His leg workout takes around 1 and a half hour on regular basis which seems quiet immense. But that’s the only way for him to keep himself extraordinarily fit and taking him to the victory. Usain Bolt is a fittest runner we’re seeing and he is not just a greatest athlete, but also one of the fittest athletes in the world.

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6. Dan Carter (Rugby Player)

most fittest athletes

Rugby is also quiet an intensive physical game that requires lot of strength and abilities. Well, Dan Cater is quiet an physically stable guy who also became the Player of the Tournament in 2015 when New Zealand Rugby Team triumphed another consecutive World Cup trophy. Well, Dan Carter was really a key player for the Black Shirts who led them to the front at that time. It pretty much explains about him that he keeps himself physically fit. Besides his rugby practice in the off-season, his workout goes like 30-minutes of weight-lifting and 2 hours of other intensive workout activities like sprints and push ups. All that keeps him really strengthy! Probably, Dan Carter is known as the fittest Rugby player in the world. He holds the 6th spot in the list of fittest athletes in the world.

5. Michael Phelps (Swimmer)

most fittest athletes

Undoubtedly, swimming requires a lot of physical stability to keep your body-motion constant in the water. Michael Phelps knows about it better because he always does it in a better way. His swimming skills and abilities are the reason of his numerous achievements and records. He is been quiet constant with swimming and that’s how he has built his strength. In fact, he swims 50 Miles per week in order to build his body strength. Overall, he is been impressive. Michael Phelps is the fittest swimmer and one of the fittest athletes in the world.

4. Floyd Mayweather (Boxer)

most fittest athletes

He calls himself ‘The Best Ever’ and that pretty much suits him because of his unbeaten victories in more than 45 professional boxing matches. He has won numerous awards and achievements in his entire career including many of World Champion titles in 5 different weight divisions. He truly has the power and ability to avoid opponent’s punches and that’s where he is really tremendous. As boxing is a highly intensive physical sport, it requires too much of physical stability for a fight. It’s never easy to stay inside the ring and endure the punishment which is the main aspect to survive the fight. Mayweather is good at this and he starts to practice 3 months earlier before the fight with his basic workout that turns extreme ongoing. He then prepares himself in a full form to participate in a fight and win it. Floyd Mayweather is the fittest boxer we have here and he is one of the fittest athletes in the world.

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3. Novak Djokovic (Tennis Player)

most fittest athletes

Men’s tennis always requires intensive physical strength and that’s what makes it one of the most difficult games. We have seen some astonishing tennis players in the past who have kept their ranks highly controlled because of their astonishing skills and abilities. Now, we have Novak Djokovic who is approaching the highest level quiet quickly with numerous achievements and records. He is been holding the 1st spot in Tennis rankings since 3 years and in 2015, he won four grand slams and many ATP awards. The way he picked himself up is really tremendous as he does lot of hard workout and training. With numerous fast paced exercises, he also does jogging, intense stretching and some more exercises. Even his diet is all what he cares about the most as well. So, he keeps himself in power, no matter how it goes. Novak Djokovic is the fittest Tennis player and one of the fittest athletes in the world.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo (Footballer)

fittest athletes

Fitness freak? Yeah! That’s how he is known for his fitness and abilities that he shows in the game and with what he performs to the peak. He is been quiet talented and the most greatest soccer player in the world undoubtedly, alongside Lionel Messi. The best thing about him is that he mostly relies on hard-work and constant practices to keep himself charged for the next game in full form. Christiano Ronaldo’s workouts routine are as of 3 hours regularly, with inclusion of weight-lifting and cardio exercises. Along with the focus on his protein-diet, he drinks plenty of water and sleeps a lot that also does helps him to be fit and physically well. Besides being a greatest player in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo is also one of the fittest athletes in the world.

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1. Conor McGregor (MMA Player)

fittest athletes

Conor McGregor has topped our list because of his astonishing abilities and fitness control. Being a player of Mixed Martial Arts, he absolutely fulfill the requirements of being physically and mentally fit as much as possible for his perfect focus and flexible movements in the game. Mixed Martial Arts requires more physical strength than any other sports in the world. Conor McGregor is holding on a top level since last year and right now, he is the most-talked-about sportsmen in the world. McGregor’s workouts routine includes yoga and other highly-intensive exercises on regular-basis. He also takes care of his nutrition intakes and that makes him the most fit athlete in the world. Winner! 🙂

That’s all! These are the fittest athletes in the world and their abilities are absolutely amazing. All of them are greatest with their fitness level and physically they’re strong. What do you think?

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