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Top 10 Most Popular Sports UK

popular sports uk

Every country has it’s own culture and tradition, means absolutely different. So, when it comes to sports activities, not every game is widely played in every country. People of every country love to play and watch different sports which depends on their interests, culture and traditions. Today, we are going to discuss about Top 10 Most Popular Sports UK which is quiet a developed country with huge talent. Let’s see what does UK’s people love to watch and love to play the most. Scroll down!

10. Netball Super League

popular sports uk

Netball Super League began in 1999. It is the Elite Netball competition which is quiet popular in United Kingdom, Scotland and Wales. People love to watch it as it’s tournaments are regularly shown on the TV channel, Sky Sports. This deal was signed in 2006 with Sky Sports. There are players from few more countries who participate in it’s tournaments. Netball Super League is the 10th most popular sports UK.

9. Ice Hockey (IHUK)

popular sports in uk

Ice Hockey UK (IHUK) is quiet popular in United Kingdom. Ice Hockey UK was established to replace British Ice Hockey Association (BIHA). It is affiliated with International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) and the management of Ice Hockey UK is all responsible to keep this sport well-maintained in United Kingdom. Ice Hockey UK is on 9th spot in the list of most popular sports in UK.

8. British Rowing

popular sports in uk

The governing body of the Rowing Sport in UK is the ‘Amateur Rowing Association (ARA)’ of the United Kingdom. It is the responsible for developing and organizing the International Rowing Teams in Britain. Thames Rowing, Kingston Rowing, Bedford Rowing and London Rowing Club are the most famous Rowing Clubs in United Kingdom. British Rowing is considered as the 8th most popular sports in UK.

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7. Athletics

popular sports in uk

Athletics is definitely one of the most popular sports in UK, because UK produces more athletes than any other country in the world. In fact, UK has the most largest squad of athletes including Olympics and World Champions Kerri-Anne Payne and Rebecca Adlington. Athletics is the 7th most popular sport in UK.

6. Swimming

popular sports in uk

Swimming has became an huge affection and passion for many people in UK. They learn to swim and then figure out ridiculous tricks that’ll catch your eyes and in fact, you’ll be delighted to watch it. Many swimming tournaments are organized every year and hence, it receives highest investments in United Kingdom. Swimming is the member of British Olympics Association (BOA) and everything is managed by them. Swimming is the 6th most popular sport in UK.

5. Tennis

popular sports in uk

Tennis is the 2nd most popular racket-sport in UK. Tennis has huge tourists attraction every year in UK, besides being loved by sports lovers. The most biggest tournament in UK is known as Wimbledon, which also is one of the biggest Grand Slams in the world. Tennis is the 5th most popular sport in UK.

4. Badminton

popular sports in uk

The Badminton Association of England was first introduced in 1893 and it is also one of the founding members of International Badminton Federation. Badminton has grown gradually and today it is the first most popular racket-sport in United Kingdom. Badminton is considered as the 4th most popular sport in UK.

3. Rugby

popular sports in uk

Rugby was played by very few people of UK in early times, but now it has increased it’s popularity massively in all over the country. Like Football game, Rugby is also been promoted by Government of UK now. North-West of England, Yorkshire and Cumbria are the main regions where Rugby is mostly been popular. By increasing it’s popularity, Rugby has now became the 3rd most popular sport in UK.

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2. Cricket

popular sports in uk

Everybody is aware that cricket is a national game of UK and it is also a 2nd most popular sport in the world. Cricket was first introduced by the Britishers and now it is also been played in all over the world. In UK, there are many cricket clubs and even the First-Class Championship in UK is the most oldest Cricket Championship in the world. Cricket is regarded on the 2nd spot in the list of most popular sports UK.

1. Soccer

popular sports in uk

Being a world-class game, soccer is the most popular sport in UK. The Football Association of England is one of the oldest governing bodies in the world. In UK, there have been hundreds of club-teams from which, Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal are the most famous ones in the world. It is the most widely played and watched sport not just in UK, but in all over the world. Cheers!

So here we end our list by declaring soccer being on top in the list of most popular sports UK. What do you say about this list? Actually, this list includes on 10 most popular sports UK, but there are many other games that are being popular in UK.

Let us know about your favorite game and if we are missing something. Give us a feedback!

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